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The skills of a jeweller

Catalan excellence

Our jewellers has been classed an “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” since 2007.
We craft authentic, traditional Catalan jewellery in an exclusive and innovative production process that guarantees the garnet’s immutable shine.

Age-old expertise

Inherited from Greek antiquity, the flat-based “rose cut” evolved during the Renaissance period into a pointed cut known as the prism cut or “pavilion”, which was preferred as it reflected the light of the stones.

Over the centuries, this new cut became the dominant model. Only Catalan jewellers working on the garnet know how to preserve the ancestral cut thought up by the Greeks. The secret behind its radiance, compared to other garnets in the world, comes from the gem’s receptacle (the “bezel”) made of molten gold or silver, which houses a mirror (known as the “paillon” or foil) that gives the stone its heightened brilliance by reflecting the light.

Local workmanship

Our jewellery is crafted by hand in our workshops based in the town of Prades. From the “immutable paillon”, to the setting of the stone, and the shaping of the jewel, we are the only manufacturer that holds all the secrets. Our workmanship is 100% made in France and completely local (apart from the stone, chain and clasp). Our trades are fully integrated in order to guarantee complete mastery of our art. Only the garnet stone, for which there are no longer any extraction sites in France, comes from carefully selected supply chains around the world.

Our jewellery craftsmen and women

Our craftsmen and women, professional jewellers, are graduates of “Métiers d’Art” design schools. Each of them has completed their apprenticeships at the heart of the manufacturing process under the supervision of our trained jeweller craftsmen, perfecting their skills and learning the secrets behind the manufacture of the Catalan Garnet. People of talent and commitment work every day with a passion to create the jewels in our collection.