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The immutable “paillon”

An exclusive, patented and award-winning technique

Driven by a passion for the Catalan Garnet and the quest for excellence, the Privat family has continually perfected its expertise, honed its technical skills and constantly innovated to shake things up and craft ever more high-quality jewellery and create lasting emotions.

The “paillon” (mirror), a key element of the jewel, has always been the centre of attention. Various different materials used to design it have succeeded one another in order to achieve its increasing resistance.



It was this thirst for perfection that led, in 2003, to the creation of a new kind of “paillon”. Manufacture du Grenat had the idea of making a gold or silver mirror, then placing it in translucent, oven-baked resin.

This innovation, rewarded with the “Prix des Métiers d'Art”, preserves the garnet's natural appearance and ensures an immutable shine.

Invention Patent No. 0305663


steps to craft the mirror:
polish the mirror
apply resin
bake in the oven

The guarantee of quality

Thanks to this innovation, our jewels are the only Catalan Garnets that are waterproof and can be worn in all circumstances, without the risk of damage.

“Paillon” and jewel guaranteed for life! *

* The lifetime guarantee does not cover damage caused by negligence, normal wear and tear, accidents or interventions carried out by a person outside our workshops.