Manufacture du Grenat - Prades - Savoir-Faire

History & Tradition

The origins of the Catalan-type mounting was lost in antiquity, and then the Greeks had developed it. Preserved in North Catalonia only, this technique is exclusively used for red garnets.

Catalan technique

This particular method consists in cutting the gemstone in a very specific manner and then shaping the jewel like a mirror in order to increase the reflection of light under the gemstone so as to enhance the garnet’s unique sparkle.

Manufacture du Grenat - Prades - Savoir-Faire
Manufacture du Grenat - Prades - Savoir-Faire


The term “garnet” is derived from the Latin ‘granum’ meaning “grain”. Despite the fact the most widely known colour is the red one, garnets belong to a large group of minerals coming in all colours. Garnets are a group of silicate minerals. They are fine semi-precious stones possessing various physical properties among which hardness (7-7.5).

Our Tradename

Our brand Joyaux Catalans® was created in 1994 in order to not only assure finely crafted jewels but also protect Catalan traditional know-how while offering 100% local production.

Manufacture du Grenat - Prades - Savoir-Faire
Manufacture du Grenat - Prades - Savoir-Faire

The technique of the joyaux catalans foil®

The Jo yaux Catalans® jewels are made by using our patented technique. This revolutionary process is based on a gold or silver mirror depending on the piece of jewellery. Then the mirror is protected from all types of agressions by means of a baked translucent resin which is applied on the mirror. The process guarantees permanent brilliance and unrivalled manufacturing quality.

A firm with recognized expertise

Our establishment is unique in our region. It gathers and perpetuates the tradition of all the expertises essential for every step of the manufacturing process of the Catalan jewels.

Manufacture du Grenat - Prades - Savoir-Faire

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